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Vandellòs town festival

In honour of Saint Cosme and Saint Damian, patron saints of the town, the Festa Major de Vandellòs is held at the end of September.

The festival always begins with the ringing of the bells and ends with the fireworks. During those days, there are more than forty events, among which the traditional ones stand out. For example, the popular Clotxada, the big night ‘Correfoc, the exhibition of giants, the ‘sardanes’, the dances with orchestras and  the ‘correfoc’ for children and the ‘Bèsties de Foc’ show.

For young people there are also a number of activities (a popular dinner, musical performances, disco-mobile, tournaments, etc.).

In Vandellòs, another important festival is also held in mid-May, with the town's organisations taking centre stage: the Festa de la Germandat (Brotherhood Festival). Don't miss it either!