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Pessebre dels Estels

Visiting the Pessebre dels Estels (Manger of the Stars) is like travelling back in time and recalling scenes and experiences from the past with the emotions that the memories awaken.

What makes this nativity scene truly unique is what surrounds it: Castelló is a medieval village in the municipality of Vandellòs i L'Hospitalet de l'Infant, nestled between mountains, which was left uninhabited in the mid-20th century and which comes back to life every year for Christmas.

Thus, for three or four days, in this village, apart from reproducing some biblical scenes, arts and old trades that were carried out in mountain villages such as Castelló          are recovered. In this way, the visitors can rediscover activities such as the charcoal seller, the work of beating in the threshing floor, the farmyards, the school, the forge, the oven,   where the aroma of freshly baked bread can once again be appreciated,...

More details of this experience, which you simply have to experience in person, can be found at: