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Photographing from sea and mountain viewpoints

A good way to appreciate all that the territory of L'Hospitalet de l'Infant i la Vall de Llors has to offer is to go to one of the various viewpoints scattered at different points. The proximity of the mountain allows us to capture spectacular panoramic images of the winding Mediterranean coast as it passes through L'Hospitalet de l'Infant.

  • Plaza de la Marina

However, the first viewpoint is at sea level, in the Plaza de la Marina. It is a good place to enjoy the sunsets in a relaxed way while you watch the fishermen set up their rods on the breakwater.

  • Mirador del Torn

If we go a little further up and walk through the protected natural area of La Rojala, we will reach the viewpoint of Torn. From this viewpoint we can enjoy magnificent views of the municipality, both of the beach and of the most mountainous part. It offers a setting in which we can enjoy nature in the utmost tranquillity.

  • Sant Roc Chapel

If we continue climbing, we reach the hermitage of Sant Roc. Located at the top of the mountains of the Mestral range, it was built over a period of three years (1993-1996). It has a large area of 103 m2 that allows us to enjoy splendid views of the municipality and its coastline.

  • Turó del Castell

To finish our visit to the viewpoints, we will go to the Turó del Castell viewpoint (castle hill), located in Vandellòs, which is accessed by stairs carved into the rock, with handrails, which start at the bottom of Amunt street, next to the C-44 road. At the top, there are two information panels on the relief of the mountains and the surrounding area, as well as magnificent views.


With this visit to the viewpoints, we will achieve two things: we will get to know the immensity of this territory that combines sea and mountain in all its landscapes and, above all, we will record in our retina some spectacular images from some privileged viewpoints.