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Visit the Llop Marí Cave

Near Torn beach is the mysterious Llop Marí (sea lion) cave. It is especially recommended to take a kayak or paddle surf excursion to this area. It is a cavity excavated by the sea in the bowels of the mountain where we can discover the legend of the Llop Marí. It is a fantastic animal created by the god Neptune, who attacked the pirates who approached the coast of L'Hospitalet de l'Infant and who, according to the legend, took refuge in this cave. It seems to have disappeared years ago, although some fishermen claim to have seen it recently...

Once in the cave, you can enjoy a large space that will surprise you. At the bottom of this room is a small beach that varies in size depending on the state of the sea. In this more than paradisiacal setting, there is a zigzagging side gallery approximately 18 metres long, with a width of 4 metres and a height of almost 2 metres, which decreases as you go along. A chimney begins the gallery and a spectacular column divides it at a point in the centre. In this marvellous environment, the curious can observe interesting lithogenesis processes in what is a unique natural space.