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Discover the territory

As they say, 'the stones speak', and in L'Hospitalet de l'Infant and Vall de Llors the remains of the uninhabited villages and farmhouses, which were abandoned in the mid-20th century, bear witness to a rural life, devoted to the countryside, in which there were trades that have now disappeared or are on the verge of extinction.

This is the case of Castelló, located under the Dedalts crags, which revives with the performance of the Pessebre des Estel at Christmas and with the celebration of the Rústic Festa (rustic festival) in August; de Fatxes, located under the Fatxes pass and open between the Montalt mountain range and the Genessies mountain range, which a few years ago attracted the interest of Masayuki Irie, an architect with his own department at Waseda University in Tokyo, who renovated two houses in the village and won the Togo Murano Japanese architecture prize for his work; de Remullà, to the north of Vandellòs, where you can now rent a sports shelter; and de Gavadà, which conserves the remains of a medieval circular tower. All these villages, with the exception of Fatxes, celebrate their main festival: Castelló, for Saint Lucia; Remullà, for Saint Michael; and Gavadà, for Saint Quiteria.

As for the farmhouses, there is Genessies, where there is a 16th century defence tower, attached to the farmhouse building and nowadays very disfigured; and Mas Valenti, located in the west of Vandellòs.